2020 CWR Regional Conference and Auditions

Registration Information and Instructions (scroll to bottom to download .pdf of instructions)

Registration from November 3 – December 1 (see staggered district soft deadlines)

Utah District Deadline: Monday, 11/25

Arizona District Deadline: Tuesday 11/26

Nevada District Deadline: Wednesday 11/27

Northern California Deadline: Friday 11/29

Southern California Deadline: Saturday 11/30

Hawaii District: Sunday 11/31

NOTE: One reason the audition site is so affordable is that customer support consists of largely of one NATS volunteer from our region, the auditions chair.  Please make an effort to be as self-sufficient as possible by reading the instructions listed below. Should these resources fail to answer your questions, email

Registration will open November 3rd and CLOSE at midnight DECEMBER 1, 2019. This deadline is early in the month because reaching everyone over the holidays to troubleshoot is quite difficult. Please be aware that this is a hard deadline. Once registration closes, no changes (including to repertoire) may be made. As much as we would like to be accommodating, it simply isn’t possible.

Website and Support: 

1. Gather student information. Either plan to use 5 minutes of your students’ lessons to register them (since they know their addresses, birthdays, piece names, composers, etc.,) or have them fill out this form and return it to you: Accompanist name and contact information as well as student repertoire are required information. Take care in selecting repertoire as it can not be changed once the auditions are closed.

2. Go to and log in. Your username is the email address you have on file with NATS. Your password is unique to you. If you do not remember it simply click on forgot login/password and you can reset your password. For previous users of Auditionware: If you have used Auditionware before and want to have access to your registration info from past years, you MUST have the same email address you used for Auditionware last year as your username at You can change this yourself by logging in to with your current username, on the member home screen click on “My Profile” on the left menu, then Click the box titled “Update Profile.” Change your email address in the appropriate field. Scroll down and click on submit. This will make sure your data form last year will be accessible. NOTE: It may take up to 24 hours for your new user name to sync with the Auditionware system.

3. Go to Member Home.

4. Scroll down until you see the green button NATS AUDITIONS REGISTRATION. This button will only show up if you are current with your dues. Only members in good standing can enter students. Please pay your 2020 dues. We are required to check members’ standing before running the auditions. If you haven’t paid your national and chapter dues, your students can not participate. It can take several days for your dues payment to “post” in the auditions site. Plan accordingly.

5. Select the right set of auditions. If your chapter is currently holding auditions, once you are redirected, be sure to select the Register for Another Audition/Conference and select Cal-West Regional Auditions 2020.

6. Register Students. Enter student and repertoire information. Please enter the Greater Work if applicable. It saves time and research when vetting the repertoire. Also, please list the length of each piece. After entering information for a student, review the data for accuracy and check the box at the bottom to confirm accuracy and click “Save.” At this point, you may “Add Another Category” for your student. If not, you may “Add Another Student” and repeat the process until all students are entered. 

7. Copyright Agreement Check Box. You will be required to check this box to enter students. It says “As the student's teacher of record, I agree to abide by the NATS Copyright Policy, and I acknowledge that I have clearly communicated the NATS copyright policy to all of my students and their collaborative pianist(s). I have encouraged all of my students and their collaborative pianists to abide by U.S. Copyright Laws and communicated to all of them that they should use only authorized reproductions of copyrighted works at all levels of NATS sponsored events. By checking this box, I, the teacher, acknowledge, affirm, and agree to the statements above.”  Emails with the above statement will be sent to the singers and pianists listed once registration has closed.  

8. Your Gorgeous Mug. Another check box allowing NATS to post pics of you on their social media.

9. Complete Registration. When finished entering all students click on the green “Complete Registration” button. This will bring up several other items.

10. Check Box if Not Attending. We hope this won’t be you but if it is, check the box, scroll down to “select Substitute Judge’s Name.” This is a list of all 900 members of the Cal-Western Region. Obviously, only select the name of the colleague who has agreed to substitute judge for you. 

11. Judging Preferences. Please select the categories and age groups you feel qualified to judge. 

12. Additional Tickets. Here you can purchase tickets for the Teacher Time concert for you, your students, their parents, etc. You can also purchase additional tickets for the Guest Artist recital for spouses, parents, etc. Lastly, if you are booking an additional substitute judge, please select that option (it is free, this is the only way we could receive notification within this system). Once complete, review your summary of fees and then click the “Go To Payment Page” button.

13. Payment. You will need to pay with a credit card for the student registration, extra tickets, etc. and collect reimbursement from your students. IMPORTANT: do not exit the payment system until you see the screen that shows your receipt. If you leave prior to that and go to another page then you may disrupt the completion of the payment.

Schedule: After the registration deadline closes, details are tracked down, music is vetted and the automated scheduler is run, your student, accompanist, and judging schedules will be emailed to you. (Please allow at least 2 weeks after the registration deadline for our committee to review the schedule, vet the repertoire and make any necessary corrections.)

Staff Accompanists: We will, once again, contract with local pianists to play for those who are not bringing their own. These staff pianists will be listed by category (Staff Accompanist Division 1, etc.) in the drop-down menu. The fee will be based on the number of songs the student is singing. So, $40 for 2-3 songs and $50 for  4-5 songs. The fee does not cover rehearsal. It does pay for multiple rounds should your student move on to the semi-final or final rounds. Do not select a pianist unless you have asked them in advance. They may already be committed to another teacher.


Download of Registration Instructions

2020 Registration Instructions (pdf)