Teacher Award

2020 CWR Regional Conference and Auditions

We are excited to announce a new NATS Cal-Western Region Teacher Award.  This award will be given each year to a teacher in the hosting district.  To nominate a teacher, both a colleague, a student must participate in a survey.  The colleague survey is below.  Once the teacher nomination has been received, the committee chair will send the student survey to the nominee to distribute among his/her students or former students 

The nominated teacher will then submit the following: 

  • Teaching and Performing Resume/Curriculum Vitae
  • Teaching Philosophy
  • Head shot and Bio (to be posted on our website and included in the finals program)

The CWR Cabinet will review the nominees and select a winner.  The winner will be notified and receive their award at the end of the competition finals. 

Teachers, to nominate a colleague or former teacher, please follow this link where you will answer the following questions:  https://forms.gle/mgLNokjVG65gZLnk7 

  1. Your Name
  2. Your e-mail address
  3. Name of Teacher
  4. Current NATS Chapter of Nominee
  5. Email address of Nominee
  6. Phone number of Nominee
  7. This teacher inspires me because....
  8. Some of the best things I learned from this teacher are...

We look forward to honoring the wonderful work our NATS teachers do!