NATS Cal-Western Regional Officers

Regional Governor

Ruth Ellis

Ruth Ellis

NATS Cal-Western Regional Governor


Utah District

District Governor

Brian Manternach

Utah District Governor

The Cal-Western Voice Editor


Northern Utah Chapter

Errik M. Hood

Northern Utah Chapter President


Central Utah Chapter

Arden Hopkin 

Central Utah Chapter President 

Arizona District

District Governor

Stephanie Fox
Arizona District Governor

Auditions Vetting Co-Chair

Southern Arizona Chapter

Katherine Scally
Southern Arizona Chapter President

Valley of the Sun Chapter

Kaarin Safsten

Valley of the Sun Chapter President

Nevada District

District Governor

Monica Williams-McCullough

Nevada District Governor

Regional SNATS Representative

Reno Chapter

Olga Perez Flora

Reno Chapter President

Las Vegas Chapter

Alfonse Anderson

Las Vegas Chapter President


Northern California District

District Governor

Marisa Gray Atha

Northern California District Governor

CWR Webmaster

California Capital Chapter

Michelle Markwart Deveaux 

California Capital Chapter President


SanFrancisco BayArea Chapter

Karine St-Pierre

San Francisco Bay Area Chapter President


Redwood Empire Chapter

Eve-Anne Wilkes

Redwood Empire Chapter President


Central California Chapter

Hanna York

Central California Chapter President

Southern California District

District Governor

Dr. Teri A. Herron
Southern California District Governor

CWR Treasurer


Los Angeles Chapter

Melodee Fernandez

Los Angeles Chapter President


San Diego Chapter

Stephanie Sabin

San Diego Chapter President

Auditions Committee

Rachel Velarde

Auditions Co-Chair

Nichole Jensen

Auditions Co-Chair

Cindy Dewey

Tabulation and Vetting Co-Chair


NATS Foundation

Robin Fisher

CWR Foundation Liason


NATS Code of Ethics

These ethical guidelines are established by the Association to outline Members’ ethical duties and obligations to students, colleagues and the general public, and to promote professional cooperation and productive relationships among its Members.

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Students of NATS members have the opportunity, along with members, to compete at a national level through the National Association of Teachers of Singing Artist Awards (NATSAA).

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