General Information

2020 CWR Regional Conference and Auditions

Our 2020 Conference and Auditions:

California State University East Bay (in Hayward)

January 17-19, 2020

We are so pleased to plan and prepare another regional gathering! This is not a tiny treatise. To follow are some important details about our upcoming regional auditions and conference.  This is going to be a wonderful conference and the teacher registration fee is a steal at $45.00. 

Come for some inspiration!  If your students can set this as a goal to work toward, bring them! Thomas Hampson told us at the Boston national conference that you never really lose a competition because you gain so much experience just by competing. 

We offer a large number of non-progressing categories in hopes there will be someplace for everyone, including Children and Youth Classical, Music Theater, Advanced Classical and Music Theater, Adult Avocational Classical and Music Theater Categories, CCM and a Non-Traditional Student category. We wish you a hearty welcome!

New This Year

· Teacher Time Concert and Fundraiser, Friday the 17th from 7:30-9:00. To sign-up to sing follow this link: Pieces must be 5 minutes or less and written by a woman composer (this year the NATS Advocacy Committee would like us to feature music by women). There will only be room for 18 teachers on the program. A staff pianist will be provided or you can bring your own. All proceeds will be donated as a gift to NATS on its 75th birthday. The option to purchase tickets for you, your students, their parents, etc. will pop up at the end of the online registration process. It’s Teacher Time! 

· Student Maximums removed: Rather than limiting the number of categories and students, teachers with more than 15 entries (each category for which each student registers counts as an entry) will need to find/bring an additional judge. If, by chance, you are entering students in more than 30 categories, a second additional judge will need to be booked by the teacher, and so on. 


· Substitute Judge Policy: Each non-attending teacher is required to find their own substitute. As a courtesy, regional administration has compiled a list of teachers willing to substitute judge. You will need to have made arrangements with one of these teachers, or another NATS colleague, to judge in your place prior to registration. 

· Regional Teacher of the Year Award: We are happy to announce we will be giving this award yearly to a teacher in the hosting district. For more information or to nominate a colleague, click this link: Nominations will close 12-1-19.