Student NATS (SNATS)


Utah District

Utah State University

SNATS Chapter President: Kaylyn Baldwin


SNATS Faculty Advisor: Erikk Hood


Brigham Young University

SNATS Faculty Advisor:  Rob Brant 

Utah Valley University

SNATS Faculty Advisor:  Melissa Heath 

Snow College

SNATS Chapter Co-President: Kennedy Hunter 

SNATS Chapter Co-President: Amber Yardly

SNATS Faculty Advisor: Ruth Ellis 

Arizona District

Grand Canyon University

SNATS Faculty Advisor: Rachel Velarde

Nevada District

University of Nevada - Las Vegas

SNATS Faculty Advisor: Kimberly James


Northern California

No active SNATS chapters

Southern California

California State University - Northridge

SNATS Faculty Advisor: Diane Ketchie

University of Southern California

SNATS Chapter President: Melissa Treinkman

SNATS Faculty Advisor: Lynn Helding


San Diego State University

SNATS Chapter President:  Lauren Cernik-Price

SNATS Faculty Advisor: Laurinda Nikkel


The National Association of Teachers of Singing fosters the formation of student chapters in order to advance knowledge about the Association and the professions of teaching and singing. A Student NATS (SNATS) Chapter is an organization of students that can meet, hold events and discussions, participate, practice, and learn more about voice teaching as a profession.

In order to form a SNATS Chapter, a Full or Associate NATS member in good standing may petition the SNATS Coordinator on behalf of a group of students to grant a SNATS Chapter charter. The Vice-President of Outreach serves as the SNATS Coordinator. SNATS Chapter members may be invited to local NATS meetings, and are always welcome to attend NATS workshops, conferences, and other events at a special student registration rate.  

"A tremendous gap exists between the student years and the professional teaching years. SNATS Chapters mentor young singers into the profession at a grass roots level, and provide opportunities for supplementary information and education within NATS."

Dr. Kathryn Proctor Duax, Past President of NATS 

For more information: 

Join an Existing SNATS Chapter

Ask a member of your voice faculty, the SNATS Coordinator (listed below), or check our online SNATS directory to see if a SNATS Chapter already exists at your school. If it does, join today! If not, find out how to establish a new SNATS Chapter, so you and your classmates can join in the fun. 

Establishing a New SNATS Chapter

If you are a student who would like to start a chapter, you'll need five students to begin a chapter, plus at least one member of NATS (Associate or Full) to act as your Chapter Advisor. Contact the SNATS Coordinator to get details on how easy it is to apply to be an official SNATS Chapter!

If you have difficulty finding an advisor, contact the SNATS Coordinator to find other NATS members in your area who may be willing to help.

NATS members may also start a SNATS chapter. You'll need five students to begin. Any Associate or Full member of NATS in good standing may act as an advisor for a SNATS Chapter. Co-advisors are also welcome. Contact the SNATS Coordinator for details on how to get a new chapter started.

SNATS chapter members are not members of NATS; therefore SNATS chapter members do not pay national dues. 

For more information about Student NATS (SNATS) Chapters, send an email to Alison Feldt, SNATS Coordinator, at