Volunteer Sign-Up

2019 CWR Regional Conference and Auditions


"Volunteerism has long been a trait looked at favorably by colleges, clubs and elite associations because of its underlying quality of giving back.  In an age where we have an over abundance of entitlement and self-centeredness, I feel that we teachers can model the attributes of volunteering and help our students experience they joy that only comes from giving of oneself...by encouraging them to volunteer."  Stephanie Morgan Fox, Arizona District Governor

In our regional leadership summit in January 2019, we discussed the importance of volunteering in the NATS organization and how we can better encourage it within our students.  While there have been opportunities to volunteer at the regional conference and auditions, the participation has been low.  As a cabinet we want to encourage more student volunteerism by offering a yearly trophy to the studio with the highest average number of volunteer hours.  Now, we don't want to hi-jack the students' ability to compete well and attend the classes offered, but we would like to see them pitch in. Additionally, we will have a raffle, to be held during the awards ceremy, where the students get one entry for each volunteer hour worked.  We feel that, while service is a reward in and of itself, gratitude for said service is also a good pattern to teach and follow.  Stay tuned for additional details.