Music Vetting/Copyright Policy

2020 CWR Regional Conference and Auditions


All music is vetted to prevent on-site disqualifications. Last year’s vetting process revealed over 25 errors in repertoire selection which required a late preparation of an alternate piece. Please read the guidelines so you can properly advise your students.

Once registration closes, our vetting committee will look through each students’ repertoire entries and determine whether or not the pieces meet the requirements.  If it is determined they do not meet the requirements, the vetting committee will be in touch with the teacher and student to ask that an alternative piece be selected and submitted.

Copyright Policy

The National Association of Teachers of Singing endorses a strict policy regarding copyright laws. The use of photocopied music is prohibited at all NATS sponsored events, from the national to the chapter level.  We encourage all students to own their own music from which the collaborative pianists can play.  It is the right thing to do as it give the composers, poets, and publishers the financial support they are due.  

Teachers,  students and collaborative pianists will be required to check a box stating they agree to abide by the NATS copyright policy in order to participate. 

For more information click here:  

and here regarding tablet usage: 

Exceptions are: 

1. Music that is out of print, still under copyright law, with permission from a publisher. 

2. Sheet music or books for which the copyright has expired, but available in CD format. (e.g., CD Sheet Music). Performers must be prepared to present proof of ownership upon request. 

3.  Sheet music purchased legally from an online vendor.  Such music should have either a separate page proving the performer has purchased such OR a copyright notice at the bottom of the music that includes the performer’s name.  Performers must be prepared to present proof of ownership upon request. 

4.  Music available from approved public domain websites.  Performers should take particular care when accessing these sites as some do not guarantee that all works are indeed in the public domain.  Current approved online public domain sites are: